Have you ever been so incredibly bored that you start searching “what to do when your bored” and it comes with this massive list on what to do but none of it interests you. Then you realise you dont want to do anything. You dont have that motivation to do anything because me too.

This feeling that you’re feeling right now could be due to depression. I know it is for me. So that wedsite that you’re looking at that tells you to dance or sing isn’t really going to help is it? But when you are feeling like this you really do need to do something to distract yourself but what can you do when you have 0 motivation to do anything?

Well for me the best thing is to just write how you feel. Grab a pen and paper or even a computer and just type what comes to your brain. Don’t think about it, thinking is just going to make things worse. If you don’t like talking about your feelings to someone this is a great way of letting your feelings out without anyone knowing. Because the most important thing to do while depressed is letting your feelings out. You don’t want to keep it in. Another option to do with writing is maybe start a blog to give people advice on how to deal with it. Tell people what you have learnt so they can do the same thing.

But what if that doesn’t work? You want to know other things you can do because obviously writing doesn’t help everyone. I didn’t want to say this but colouring in. The reason why i didn’t want to say this because personly that just makes me even more bored after like colouring one section but everyone is different. So go out get an adult colouring book and see if you enjoy it.

Another thing that helps me is doing makeup. Makeup is something im very passionate about so doing it instantly makes me feel less bored and I also feel good about myself because it hides all my insecurities but not the point. So find something you are passionate about and do it. Even if its something so small like eating food, if it makes you happy and distracts yourself then its worth doing it.

If you aren’t like me and have friends you could go out and see them or if its a night time, text them or call them. Its good to surround yourself with people you care and support you. You don’t have to text them to tell them how your feeling. Just having a nice converation with them is more then enough.

But if you are like me and don’t have that family is a good option. You know family will always be there to love and support you. So catch up with someone in your family. Have a chat and a laugh. Maybe play some board games.

Theres so many things you can do to get out of that state but you just have to be wiling to try. I know it might seem hard to get out of this and distract yourself and believe me i know how hard it is but think of it as learning how to ride a bike you need practice. You can’t be an expert in one day.


2 thoughts on “what to do when your bored but you dont want to do anything

  1. Great tips! I have always written a diary to express my feelings (since age 6) and I agree with you that writing about how you feel can be very useful. Great to read that you have started blogging again. I would encourage you to write for yourself and not worry how many people read it! If you love it, just do it!

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