Suicide affects so many people in today’s society. From young to old. I wish that people weren’t so emotionally hurt to even think of wanting to die. There has to be something we can do to stop this because everyone deserves to live. Everyone deserves to live a full happy life. I searched up suicide statistics world wide and found this.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide, which represents a global mortality rate of 16 people per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds.

How is that possible. Just seeing that breaks my heart. I wish these people could have known that things do get better. That they wouldn’t have felt this way forever. One thing that I have noticed is suicide in guys is vastly higher than women and I think I know why. In today’s society the man is seen as strong one and if they are seen being weak it’s not accepted. They are grown up to be manly and if they aren’t they are scrutinised by society which is so wrong. Everyone is going to experience hard times if men were allowed to not feel okay without getting judged maybe just maybe they might be able to seek the help the deserve. It’s okay not to be okay and that applies to everyone

In the past year I have lost 2 friends from suicide. Both guy friends and both I didn’t know were struggling because they kept it in until it consumed them and it was too late. Then people care. People only care once it’s too late. Let’s call this friend Fred, the friend I lost in April, he had 100 people post on his Facebook timeline after he passed. 100 people. Where were they when he needed them the most. Why couldn’t they of said this stuff when he was still here. I know its hard to tell who is struggling but one message could have been enough.


The second friend I literally lost yesterday. Might I add he was an old friend. A friend I hadn’t talked to in years. And the worse part was the day before he passed he messaged me. But because he sent me an x I didn’t reply because my ex who I’m still kinda talking to was jealous. I feel so guilty for not replying. What if he just messaged me asking for advice or just to see if someone cared. Maybe I could have helped him but I was too late.

I’ve been in that state before and it sucks. It really does. I know why they did it because the pain gets too much that you can’t physically deal with it. You feel so numb that you just sit there with a blank emotion or you sit there screaming and crying heavily. But you cry only when you are alone. You wouldn’t dare to cry near someone and let them know you’re struggling.

The only thing that kept me here was the fear of putting this pain onto someone else like my family. Because people who are going through this might think it won’t affect someone but it will. Someone who looked at you badly or said something nasty will think it’s their fault. So many people will blame themselves for not noticing you were experiencing this. This pain your feeling won’t go away it will just go onto someone else.

If you see someone upset or even if you see someone smile at them or compliment them. Something as simple “you look really nice today” could make someone feel good and brighten their day. Maybe message an old friend to see how they are going because you have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors. Why do we still feel the need to say rude comments about one another. Yes, I know we are bound to meet people we don’t like but there is no need to say a nasty comment. What does that achieve? There are nicer ways of saying this.

All I wish in life was that everyone would be nice to each other. Maybe then one million people won’t have to die each year. It’s horrible how high that number is. We should do whatever it takes to bring that number down drastically…

If you’re are feeling like this please seek help. Keeping it in is just going to cause more pain. You will get through this but you can’t do it alone. 



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